Turning Complexes
Into Communities

Turning Complexes
Into Communities

Create long term wealth and passive cashflows through strategic multi family investments

Who We Are

Bridgelyn Investment Group is a privately held Commercial Real Estate Investment firm and management company with $9M in assets throughout Ohio and Tennessee. The company is based out of Ann Arbor, MI and offers a full service operating platform with expertise in acquisitions, financing, management, renovations, market analysis and risk mitigation. Our primary asset class is market rate value-add multi family property, typically in the 20-200 unit size located in B and C metropolitan and suburban areas. We look for properties that are under managed from “mom & pop” type sellers that are motivated, preferring assets built after 1970s. Our targets markets are ones which have seen steadily increasing population growth, median household income growth and median home/condo growth since year 2000 making them top investment markets for investors in regards to returns and appreciation.

Why Multi-Family?


Residents pay rent which covers all expense and provides profits to investors. This in turn is a very stable and proven model to build wealth over a period of time.


Properties are leveraged, allowing for large purchases with only a fraction of the funds needed. Typically 70-80% LTV.

Forced Appreciation

The implementation of value-add strategies can directly affect the valuation of an asset. This giving the opportunity to refinance and pull out the added equity.

Tax Benefits

Tax benefits through depreciation, cost segregation and 1031 exchange allows you to keep more profits in your pocket.


Real estate tends to be a recession proof business when all these benefits are combined, as it has historically outperformed the S&P 500.


Buy Finance Manage Right

Buy Right

We buy on strong fundamentals, primarily targeting B/C class multifamily apartments in value driven markets. We buy assets that will cash flow from day 1, with the ability to force appreciation throughout holding period. We buy on actuals and look for 7-9% Cap Rates with 10% Cash on Cash returns from the start. This coupled with a strict due diligence helps mitigate risk.

Finance Right

We utilize long term, fixed rate financing to decrease interest rate risk. Each asset is conservatively leveraged with non recourse debt, Or the ability to refinance to non recourse in a short period of time. This allows us to cash flow throughout the entire holding period while offering consistent returns distributed quarterly.

Manage Right

We implement professional property management teams with years of experience repositioning and stabilizing apartment communities. Through weekly meetings with our PM’s we focus on KPI's to assess the health of the property, making sure it is at peak performance. This in turn helps decrease risk and maximizes returns for our investors.

Investment Lifecycle

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